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This is a very abbreviated description of areas that capture my interest.

  • Animal Training and Rescue -- My specific training interests are:  positive reinforcement training; dog obedience; dog agility; herding.  I am active in breed rescue activity as well as parrot rescue.

  • Antiques -- Despite the fact that my home is crammed to the rafters with antiques, (to the point that I need to call an auctioneer to take some things on consignment) I still manage to attend local auctions and the big antique shows.  Ebay is its own story....

  • Folk Art -- I have the strangest collection of folk art.  Of interest to me are:  Alibrijes (fantasy animal carvings) from Mexico; garuda from Thailand; animals from Nepal; Netsuke from Japan; Anima (paintings on bark) from Mexico; Embroidery from China; Old wood carvings from Port St. Jolie Canada; Inuit stone carvings, and last but not least, Koshare (Koyala, Hopi clown) sculpture, drawings, paintings, etc.  There is something very appealing to me about handmade items that speak of the culture from which they originated.

  • Ebay -- either a godsend for those of us who live in rural areas, or an instrument of the devil for those of us who buy all household items except for groceries, online.  Mr. UPS is my new best friend.  He wasn't too thrilled when the beautiful 9'x12' rug had to be delivered.  I'll be visiting him in the hospital for his hernia.

  • Genealogy -- lord knows I'm trying

  • Robert Harrop Old English Sheepdogs - the document below has information on Old English Sheepdog figurines created by Robert Harrop.  OES are actually in several of his collections:  Doggie People Collection; Country Companions; Puppy Dog Tails; Christmas Collection.  I don't claim that this document is complete or up to date, but it was my attempt to document my own collection. The folks at RobertHarrop.com are the ultimate resources on these figurines, in particular  Cinta at the Robert Harrop site Collectors Club
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